KL Training Limited is a certified training approved centre registered with Qualsafe Awards to provide emergency and first aid training courses to businesses in all sectors and communities and voluntary organisations across Scotland in their workplace.

Our trainers have a combined wealth of skill and experience in nursing and resuscitation ensuring that corporate legal responsibility to first aid training to ensure health & safety is improved and lives are saved which will aim to reduce the instances of health & safety issues in the workplace.

KL Training Limited has been set up to financially support the charity, Keirans Legacy, to enable the charity to continue to provide life-saving defibrillators and services throughout Scotland.

KL Training Certified Courses

3 day first aid at work
2 day refresher first aid
1 day emergency first aid at work
3 hour first aid refresher
CPR and AED training

KL Training Non Certified Course

2 hour course

First Aid Courses

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